Work Injury Treatment & Worker's Compensation in Pittsburgh, PA


Chiropractor Care For Work Injury In Lawrenceville

Work-related injuries often get treated only by a primary care doctor, but chiropractors are just as well-versed in helping people after they have sustained certain types of injuries. Cutitta Chiropractic treats patients who need to get well and get back to work after they have experienced an injury on the job. We serve clients from all around the Pittsburgh area, including those from Millvale, Etna, Lawrenceville, and beyond. Take a look at the below information to understand how our chiropractor, Dr. Michael Cutitta, can help you recover after being hurt on the job.

Common Work-Related Injuries Treated By a Chiropractor

Even the safest work environments experience workplace injuries. So, no matter where you work, there is always a chance of sustaining an injury. Whether you work on a bustling construction site or in an office environment, you could potentially get hurt. Some of the more typical workplace injuries treated by chiropractors include:● Strain injuries related to lifting heavy items.● Repetitive movement injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome.● Head injuries.● Whiplash and other neck injuries.● Herniated disc.● Back pain.● Muscle tears, sprains, and strains.

Chiropractor Care is Your Solution to Pain Management

Chiropractic care is all about treating the human body as a whole, which can do a lot to relieve pain and discomfort. Dr. Michael Cutitta will try to find the source of the pain, assess further factors involved, and then work to address the pain through proper treatment. Depending on your injury, we will tailor a plan that can encourage the natural healing responses in your body, ease your pain, enhance movement, and prevent re-injury.

Work Injury Treatment & Worker's Compensation in Pittsburgh, PA

Reasons to See a Chiropractor for Work Injuries

Not only can we give you an alternative way to deal with pain after a work-related injury, but we can also help you through other parts of the process. For example, if you need expert documentation for workers comp, our chiropractors know how to contend with these requests as well. Additionally, the end goal will always be to help you get back to work. Therefore, visiting our doctors for help is a surefire way to get you back to your normal routine as quickly as possible.

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Schedule an appointment with Cutitta Chiropractic if you have fallen victim to an injury while on the job. We work hard to help you get your body back in functional order so that you can get on with your life without pain. Reach out to us by calling (412) 325-4100 for more information about how we can help with workers' compensation claims, or to schedule an appointment. We are proud to serve Pittsburgh, Millvale, Etna, Lawrenceville and surrounding areas.


PA Workers’ compensation laws you should know

● Your employer is required by law to pay for medical treatment for any injury sustained while on the job.● This includes injuries like back pain resulting from lifting or slips and falls.
Every employer is required to have a list of 6 providers to care for you. If this list isn’t provided to you AND posted in your office, you can choose any provider you would like to care for you for these claims.
● If an anticipated injury at your employer might include a back injury, that list is required to have a Chiropractor● Your employer is not allowed to require you seek treatment at any specific provider on this list.● If a provider on this list refers you to a different provider not on the list, you can receive care from the referred provider.● After 90 days of treatment at a pre-approved provider you are allowed to seek treatment elsewhere, even if your new provider isn’t on the pre-approved list.● If your worker’s compensation provider is recommending invasive surgery as a treatment, you are allowed by law to seek a second opinion from any provider to see if there is a treatment option available that doesn’t require invasive surgery.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can we help your workplace injuries if you are injured on the job?

    You may request a referral from your approved insurance provider to our office as an existing patient.

    If your approved provider is recommending invasive surgery, we can provide a second opinion and, if possible, create a treatment plan that won't involve surgery.

  • How can we help your workplace injuries if your employer has not provided you with an approved providers list?

    ● Request a list of providers from your workplace.
    ● Let them know that they should have a chiropractor on the approved provider's list.
    ● Refer your HR department to speak with our office regarding the importance of and requirements for having a chiropractor on your approved provider's list. For more information, don't hesitate to contact our office via email or Call one of our Pittsburgh, PA office at (412) 325-4100.

  • What Causes Work Injuries?

    Work injuries can be the result of:● Years of poor ergonomics.● Heavy lifting.● Falling objects.● Slip and falls.● Repetitive motions.● Overexertion.If your injury results in muscle, joint, ligament, or nerve pain, our chiropractors can help with pain relief.

  • What Are Some Common Musculoskeletal Work Injuries?

    Work injuries can occur in any work environment, although some workplaces, like industrial warehouses or construction sites, are at higher risk. Some of the most common work injuries are:

    ● Back pain caused by heavy lifting, poor ergonomics, or repetitive motions.

    ● Herniated discs.

    ● Dislocated or frozen shoulder.

    ● Muscle strains/muscle tears.

    ● Joint sprains.

    ● Neck injuries like whiplash.

    ● Spinal misalignments.

  • What Should I Do If I Sustain a Work Injury?

    Your first step is to report your injury to your immediate supervisor so there's a record of the accident. This entitles you to compensation from worker's comp insurance. Then, seek treatment for your injury. For musculoskeletal pain relief, we recommend seeing a chiropractor at your earliest convenience.

  • How Does Chiropractic Care Help With Work-related Injuries?

    One of the main focuses of chiropractic care is pain relief. We will evaluate your condition to determine what type of injury you sustained and its severity, so we can outline a treatment plan. We make use of non-invasive chiropractic techniques like adjustments and spinal decompression, along with natural therapies like massage and rehab exercises to treat your pain and help your body heal.

    Adjustments can relieve neck, shoulder, and back pain by realigning your spine. This relieves pressure from spinal muscles, joints, and nerves so you can move about more freely. Soft tissue massage eases pain and tension in your muscles and joints. It also circulates fresh blood to the afflicted areas to promote faster healing. Rehab exercises can also help restore your flexibility, range of motion, and mobility.

See Our Chiropractors for Work Injury Treatment

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