Personal Injury Treatment in Pittsburgh, PA


No matter your injury, your body can heal itself in unusual ways. For the most part, it's best to let the body do its thing and simply reduce the chances of future injuries. Get a cast if you need it, avoid infections, and take any life-threatening injuries to a hospital or an otherwise well-equipped medical center.

Wellness awaits you at Cutitta Chiropractic in the Pittsburgh and Lawrenceville areas of PA. From whole-body treatment that addresses your injury to getting the documentation you need for compensation claims, Cutitta's well-trained and caring team is ready to help.

Take a look at a few ways that a chiropractor can bring you closer to recovery.

Chiropractic Care for Personal Injuries

When you experience pain from a personal injury that lasts longer than expected, answers are needed. A chiropractor can guide you toward information and treatment options specific to your injury type.

Depending on what caused your injury, a few complications could leave lasting pain. It's often because your body is compensating for the injury; muscles tighten in some places to protect the damaged area, while you may subconsciously put more strain on other parts of the body.

Think of a limp. If you injure your foot, you'll consciously and subconsciously avoid putting additional weight on the foot. It's obvious and apparent, and you can feel the change in balance. There are ways that your muscle groups, nerves, and even internal organs compensate and shift without you knowing the logic behind it.

Chiropractic uses various adjustments, therapy, and mental health techniques to solve the problem.

Personal Injury Treatment in Pittsburg, PA

Information, Referrals, and Options for Chiropractic Care

Whether you live in Pittsburgh or Lawrenceville, there are many specialists and medical groups that could help you.

The answers can get confusing, but our chiropractor is there to help. Our office can even provide referrals when another professional may be a better fit. We can also help find available programs that may offset or completely cover the cost. We will explore payment and insurance options for compensation for your personal injury treatment.

Quality Personal Injury Help in Lawrenceville, Pittsburgh

A chiropractor can assess your situation. Together with any scans, tests, or other evidence they gather, a chiropractor's medical opinion can help you succeed in filing a claim and get the treatment you need to feel better.

Not sure which type of help you need? Get in contact with the Cutitta Chiropractic offices in Lawrenceville, Pittsburgh, today and simply discuss the problems you're having. Call our Pittsburgh, PA office at (412) 325-4100.