Whiplash Treatment in Pittsburgh, PA


Whiplash syndrome develops when a person's head and neck powerfully snap forward and backward, typically due to a sudden acceleration or deceleration of the body. At Cutitta Chiropractic, our Lawrenceville chiropractor team offers natural, personalized, and drug-free whiplash treatment that's safe for people of all ages.

Symptoms of Whiplash

Whiplash can affect dozens of tissues in the head, neck, and shoulders, and upper back. If you recently experienced a motor vehicle accident, sports accident (like a bicycle crash), a fall, or similar physical trauma, you may be at risk for whiplash. Signs and symptoms of whiplash, which often take a few hours or days to develop after the initial injury, can include:

● Neck pain.
● Neck stiffness.
● Shoulder pain or numbness, which may extend down into the arm.
● Headache.
● Jaw pain.
● Ringing in the ears.

Because of these symptoms, you might have a hard time focusing at work, sleeping, driving, or performing other daily tasks. 

What Chiropractic Care Can Do for Whiplash

While whiplash symptoms can sometimes get better on their own, the risk of taking a "wait and see" approach is that underlying tissue damage may persist. This could lead to long-lasting pain and dysfunction, even after the initial whiplash syndrome goes away.

Whiplash Treatment in Pittsburgh, PA

This is why we recommend consulting with a chiropractor as soon as you can following a traumatic accident, even if you don't feel a lot of pain. Our Lawrenceville chiropractors use non-invasive diagnostic techniques to detect hidden signs of tissue damage, spinal joint subluxations (misalignments), and other problems that could get worse if left unaddressed. 

Based on our examination, we can offer you a customized whiplash treatment plan that will maximize your body's innate healing process while also giving you drug-free pain relief. Our patients have found immense success with services such as:

● Chiropractic adjustments that restore spinal alignment, calm the nervous system, and naturally, relieve pain.● Corrective exercises designed to speed tissue healing and enhance core endurance for improved spinal health overall.● Massage therapy to promote healthy circulation and lymphatic drainage while minimizing scar tissue formation.

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Whiplash can be incredibly disruptive to your life. If you're looking for chiropractic care in Lawrenceville, PA, call Cuttia Chiropractic today or request an appointment online.


If you've ever been in an auto accident, chances are you've experienced the painful symptoms of whiplash. Even minor auto accidents can result in whiplash. These FAQs from Cutitta Chiropractic in Lawrenceville, PA, provide greater insight into whiplash causes and symptoms and what you can do for treatment.

  • What is whiplash?

    Whiplash is a neck injury that may occur when your head is thrust forward and back violently, straining muscles and tissues in your cervical spine. Although this injury is associated mostly with auto accidents, it can also occur during a slip and fall, workplace accident, or sports collision. Even minor auto crashes at slow speeds can put you at risk of this injury.

  • What damage can whiplash cause?

    Damage from whiplash may range from strained muscles and tissues in your neck to dislocated cervical vertebrae to herniated discs in your spine. These injuries can impair joint function and restrict your neck mobility and flexibility. If a herniated disc presses on spinal nerves, you will feel even more incapacitated due to painful neck and back symptoms.

  • What are the symptoms of whiplash?

    Whiplash symptoms may vary from one person to the next, depending on the severity of a person’s injury. Some people don’t feel pain at all for the first few days due to the shock to their nervous system. Afterwards, pain may start to set in. In general, whiplash can cause neck stiffness, neck and shoulder pain, headaches, facial pain, and dizziness. Some people have trouble sleeping or experience problems with their vision and hearing.

  • How does chiropractic care alleviate whiplash neck pain?

    Working with an experienced chiropractor is key to overcoming whiplash neck pain and getting back on your feet. Our Lawrenceville, PA, chiropractor is well-versed in whiplash treatment and can help you achieve long-term relief. Chiropractic whiplash treatment may consist of a combination of therapies to expedite your healing. Adjustments may be used to correct misalignments in your cervical spine, spinal decompression to stabilize herniated discs, and soft tissue massage to ease muscle tension and send nutrient-filled blood to injured areas for quicker healing. After evaluating your condition, our chiropractor will determine the best course of action for your treatment.

  • Why should I see a chiropractor for whiplash treatment?

    Whiplash often results in muscle, joint, and connective tissue injuries, which chiropractors specialize in treating. Chiropractic care is also non-invasive and drug-free, eliminating the risk of developing a drug dependency.

See Our Lawrenceville, PA Chiropractor for Whiplash Treatment

See Our Lawrenceville, PA, Chiropractor for Whiplash Treatment
If you're in the throes of whiplash pain and discomfort, contact our chiropractor in Lawrenceville, PA, to learn more about chiropractic whiplash treatment. To schedule a consultation for whiplash diagnosis and treatment, call Cutitta Chiropractic at (412) 325-4100.