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We love it when we get success stories from our patients - but more importantly, we know that it will help others learn how we can help. Don't take our word for the fact that we can help you - read through these success stories for yourself. All of them are in our patients' own words (and handwriting - we keep copies of all our success stories in the office).


“I was suffering from frequent headaches and lower back pain. The treatment that I have recieved from Dr. Cutitta has greatly reduced those occurences. I would definitely recommend Dr. Cutitta to anyone suffering from head, neck and back pain."

-Dan O.

“I came in with a sprained back after moving a large deli slicer.... couldn't walk without extreme pain. With Dr. Cutitta's treatment my back has come back to full strength. I would recommend the treatment to everyone"


"I first came to Cutitta Chiropractic for a severely pulled back muscle injury incurred 15 years before that gave me moderate to severe pain whenever I did a lot of heavy lifting (books, groceries, etc). After my treatment, my back pain has not recurred in over a year!"


"I had some continuing back pain and wanted to get some relief for it. I assumed it would go away. But after 3 months it was still persisting. Dr. Cutitta was great in explaining the processes that he uses and gave me more information on how to strengthen my back. In no time, I felt great. Thank you!"


"I first began at Cutitta Chiropractic because I was experiencing chronic severe low back pain, so bad I couldn't move at times. Now my pain is largely gone - it used to be daily, but now it only comes maybe once a week if that. Biking and rock climbing don't hurt anymore. Would recommend!"

- K.C.

“I experience low back pain after prolonged standing as well as chronic stiffness and a desire to have my back cracked. The lowback pain is improving as I do the exercises, and the stiffness/desire to have my back cracked is almost completely gone.”

- M.S.

“Lower back pain. My hip had went out after I experienced a level "10" pain. Hip pain is gone, now doing strengthening exercises and working on neck pain”.

- K. W.

"I'd never had chiro before, my back was all achy and sore. Now I come all the time, and leave feeling sublime, and each time I'm left wanting for more!"

- J.W.

"I came here because I was hunched over + had pain in my neck + small of my back. I felt compressed. I see + Feel much improvement. I'm standing straighter and am more flexible. I look forward to continued improvement. Would recommend."


“Low back pain and neck pain – I came in while I was suffering from a terrible headache and when I left it was completely gone!”

- S.S.

“Low back pain - I could not bend over and pick up something if I dropped it. I had problems sitting down and getting back up. I had problems getting out of bed. My back is a lot looser. I can bend over. I am also walking a lot better. I can do my job at work.”

- B.J.

“When I came to Cutitta Chiropractic I had re-injured a lower back problem. Doctor Cutitta was able to identify the problem and recommend a course of treatment to not only correct the immediate problem, but also help strengthen my back so that it is less likely to happen again.”

- W.S.

“Before coming to Dr. Cutitta I suffered from chronic back pain. With his help I am now healthy enough that I can fully participate in all of the sports and hobbies that I used to take part in before the pain became too much to bear. I feel like I got part of my life back!”

- C.S.

“When I first came in my back pain was terrible – Dr. Cutitta relieved much of the pain and I’m walking much better. There are some problems that chiropractic medicine will not solve, but the pain is much more manageable.”

- M.S.

“I highly recommend Dr. Cutitta to anyone experiencing back pain of any type – discs, sciatica, etc. I have treated with Dr. Cutitta twice in the last two years and both times he has relieved the immediate pain then gone on to provide long term relief. This office and its staff have always been courteous, empathetic and professional."

- C.S.

"...I'm 45 years old. I came to see Dr. Cutitta because of headaches & lower back pain. The headaches were bad enough to keep me in bed for long periods of time. Since seeing Dr. Cutitta I've had a great deal of relief from both symptoms. Give Dr. Mike a try, you won't regret it"

- B.N.

"My lower neck had been bothering me for two years. After growing impatient with the symptoms I saw Dr. Cutitta. After the 1st session the pain was reduced 75%. By the end of the treatment the pain was gone. Thanks Mike!

-Dave P.

"I came here because I was hunched over + had pain in my neck + small of my back. I felt compressed. I see + Feel much improvement. I'm standing straighter and am more flexible. I look forward to continued improvement. Would recommend."


"I was having neck pain every day. I had a hard time sleeping because of my pain. Since coming here I feel as if I have better posture. I also do not have neck pain on a day to day basis anymore + I find it easier to breath when exercising because my posture is better + I am in less pain"


“I work at a computer all day long and find that my neck gets stiff and starts to go numb as the day goes on. Dr. Cutitta has stopped this pain + also given me tips as to how to prevent it in the future. Without him, my daily grind would be a pain in the neck!”

- S.K.

“Neck, low back, knee, feet pain – I play on a hockey team. My position is goalie. I couldn’t get through a full game without my back and knees in excruciating pain. After coming here for 3 weeks, I played my first pain free game in years.”

- B.L.

"I came to Mike [Cutitta Chiropractic's Massage Therapist] first when I had bronchitis. He worked on my back & broke up the congestion. Helped immensley. Today he worked on my shoulder & for the first time in almost a year it's pain free! That fast! So Mike's work is good & so helpful & he is informative."

- Taylor

“I so happy I got better, after receiving treatments from you guys. The front lady is so nice to me and also so co-operative with my time and late comings. Thanks a lot. Great job Dr.!”

- P.N.

“Knee Pain – Was finally able to get back to driving the stick shift with very little discomfort. Thanks Dr. C!”

- J.C.

"After cleaning for a special event I was unable to get out of bed. The pain was so intense in my back I could not move. I spent weeks taking pain killers just to get through a day. Sleeping was impossible. Finally I made an appointment with Dr. Cutitta. After an initial and thorough evaluation we began a 2 month recovery plan. After the first week I was able to get through my day without medication. I was able to get some sleep. After completing the 2 months I am pain free and able to do all the things I was always able to do. Dr. Cutitta helped to alleviate the pain and helped me strengthen my back to prevent future injuries and pain. I will never wait to be treated again for any back pain. You will not get better treatment anywhere. Cutitta Chiropractic is professional and welcoming.”

- L.S.

“My work (sign language interpretation) is incredibly physically strenuous, and after a few nights too many on the couch, I found myself unable to stand straight because of pain. Doc popped me back into place right away! Because my work has a lot of representative motion, the team at Cuttita Chiropractic have been instrumental to me being able to continue in the job I love!! From exercises they give me to do at home, the monthly body upkeep tailor made for ME, I'm able to do my work pain free, and will be able to continue to do so for years to come! They take the time to find out about you and your life to better understand your physical needs... They'll work with you so treatment is as comfortable as possible. They're incredibly flexible with scheduling, and their constant prize opportunities include coupons for their fantastic massage therapists which make coming so much more affordable! I recommend them to all my fellow interpreters and the one who went wouldn't quit yapping about how great they all were. 10/10 would recommend.”

- K.R.


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