Herniated Disc Treatment in Pittsburgh, PA


Herniated disc pain can severely impact your day-to-day comfort level and ability to carry out tasks. This is even more true during pregnancy, and Cutitta Chiropractic in Lawrenceville, PA, can provide the care you need to get back to normal.

Characteristics of A Herniated Disc

Herniated disc is not a specific medical term but refers to a protrusion of internal material of a disc in the spine. This can be caused by injury or disease. This can be larger or smaller in size, and it's possible that the soft interior substance can break away from the disc.

Pregnancy adds additional stress to the body, often resulting in lower back pain and spinal issues that can increase as a mother gets nearer to delivery. A herniated disc should not pose a risk to the baby and tends to be uncommon during pregnancy.

Causes of a Herniated Disc

Lower back pain and herniated discs tend to be more common with age due to the wear and tear that can accumulate over time. You may also have been subjected to a sports injury, a slip or fall, or your spine may have been affected by a car accident.

Repetitive motions can also strain the discs in your back, and this is particularly true if your occupation requires you to perform the same tasks for long periods. It's also important to maintain proper form if you do any kind of weight lifting.

How a Chiropractor Can Help

Back surgery is typically a last option, as it comes with its own set of difficulties and considerations. The least invasive method is to receive chiropractic attention, and the adjustments you receive will relieve pressure while realigning the spine to its correct position. Healing is also facilitated through the use of massage and by encouraging spinal decompression. This helps the soft tissue to relax and assume its proper posture, alleviating your lower back pain.

Herniated Disc Treatment in Pittsburg, PA

Pregnancy Chiropractor for Lower Back Pain

You can receive chiropractic adjustments at any point in your term, from the earliest point in your first trimester to 39 weeks gestation. Signs to be aware of that indicate a herniated disc include persistent discomfort that increases with certain movements and spams in your muscles. This may even create sleep disturbances, and it can cause numbness in your extremities.

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You can receive quality chiropractic adjustments that are safe for your baby, and our table is especially designed to accommodate your pregnant belly. Cutitta Chiropractic sees people of all ages in our Lawrenceville, PA office, and we invite you to reach out to us to make your appointment online or by phone today.


What can a chiropractor do for my herniated disc? What caused my herniated disc in the first place? We at Cutitta Chiropractic might get those questions from our Pittsburgh, PA, clients.

In this article, we aim to answer some of the frequently asked questions pertaining to herniated discs. Check them out if you still have nagging questions you want to get addressed.

  • What Is a Herniated Disc?

    Herniated discs may be known as ruptured or slipped discs. They occur when one of the discs sandwiched between your vertebrae is pushed out of position.

  • Why Did I Get a Herniated Disc?

    The discs along your spine often slip out of position due to a combination of two factors.

    First off, the discs in your spine become more susceptible to slipping due to wear and tear. Over time, discs weaken and they are less likely to position.

    The second factor that causes herniated disc is the application of significant force. Subjecting your body to excessive strain can cause all kinds of issues and a herniated disc is indeed one of them. It could be the byproduct of an exercise or work injury.

  • What Other Factors Make People Susceptible to Herniated Discs?

    Aside from aging, your spinal discs are also more likely to rupture if you are overweight. The folks who often subject their back muscles to excessive strain are also more susceptible to this type of injury. Your genetics may also factor into the equation.

  • What Are the Symptoms of a Herniated Disc?

    A herniated disc is characterized by pain. Depending on where the slipped disc is, the pain it generates could affect your back, neck, and extremities.

    Muscle weakness is another indicator of a ruptured disc. If you are having trouble moving things around, then a slipped disc could be the main issue.

  • Can a Chiropractor Treat a Herniated Disc?

    Our chiropractors are equipped to treat herniated discs. You may even argue that they are best suited to handle that type of injury because of how well they know the spine.

  • What Can a Chiropractor Do for Your Injury?

    A chiropractor on our team can help effectively treat the symptoms caused by your ruptured disc. We can also use chiropractic techniques to help shift the position of the slipped disc so it causes you less pain and discomfort.

  • Is Chiropractic Treatment for a Herniated Disc Painful?

    Most chiropractic techniques used to treat herniated discs cause little in the way of pain or discomfort.

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