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Controlling the Cost of Care

We know that medical expenses can be hard to cover and insurance policies can be difficult to understand or even find the details of. To help, we've written up this guide to help you understand what your treatment will cost, what your insurance ought to cover, and how we can help keep costs as low as possible!

How Much Does Chiropractic Care Really Cost?

The cost of your care plan will depend on a certain number of factors:

- The type of adjustments you may need

- Which additional therapies your treatment may require, if any

- How often you need to receive treatment to achieve your desired results

- What your insurance covers

On average, the cost of your visit can range from free (with 100% coverage from your health insurance) to $50 per visit, our cash base price for patients without insurance, excluding  massage therapy.

If you find your estimated cost per visit is higher than you can afford, talk to us about it and visit our payment options page to see what we can do to help lower your cost of care as best as we can without skimping out on treatment you need.

How Can I Figure Out What My Insurance Will Cover?

In office, we do complimentary insurance verifications where we will call your insurance company and verify your cost per visit, as per the Doctor's recommended treatment plan. We usually handle this step between your first and second visits to the office, depending upon the availability of phone operators at the time of your appointment, once the doctor has developed your treatment plan.

However, if you wanted to get a better idea ahead of time, you can always call your insurance company yourself or visit your insurance website and ask or search for 'chiropractic benefits'. This will most likely not give you an exact price, but will give you an accurate idea of what your insurance will cover and what they expect you to pay per visit.

Find your insurance company's website here:


Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield




Checked your insurance details yourself and still have questions? Don't hesitate to call the office! We've become experts in understanding the most confusing of plans over more than ten years in the business and can help you figure your plan out!

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