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Worker's Compensation in Pittsburgh, PA

PA Workers’ compensation laws you should know

►    Your employer is required by law to pay for medical treatment for any injury sustained while on the job.

►    This includes injuries like back pain resulting from lifting or slips and falls.

►    Every employer is required to have a list of 6 providers to care for you.  If this list isn’t provided to you AND posted in your office, you can choose any provider you would like to care for you for these claims.
►    If an anticipated injury at your employer might include a back injury, that list is required to have a Chiropractor

►    Your employer is not allowed to require you seek treatment at any specific provider on this list.
►    If a provider on this list refers you to a different provider not on the list, you can receive care from the referred provider.
►    After 90 days of treatment at a pre-approved provider you are allowed to seek treatment elsewhere, even if your new provider isn’t on the pre-approved list.

►    If your worker’s compensation provider is recommending invasive surgery as a treatment, you are allowed by law to seek a second opinion from any provider to see if there is a treatment option available that doesn’t require invasive surgery.

How we can help your workplace injuries:

If you are injured on the job:

►    You may request a referral from your approved insurance provider to our office as an existing patient.
►    If your approved provider is recommending invasive surgery, we can provide a second opinion and if possible create a treatment plan that won’t involve surgery.

If your employer has not provided you with an approved providers list:

►     Request a list from your workplace of providers
►     Let them know that they should have a chiropractor on the approved providers list.
►     Refer your HR department to speak with our office regarding the importance of and requirements for having a chiropractor on your approved providers list.For more information don't hesitate to contact our office via email or Call one of our Pittsburgh, PA offices at (412) 235-7103 Greenfield or (412) 325-4100 Lawrenceville.

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