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Neck Pain Success Stories

We love it when we get success stories from our patients - but more importantly we know that it will help others learn how we can help.  Don't take our word for the fact that we can help you - read through these success stories for yourself.  All of them are in our patients own words (and handwriting - we keep copies of all our success stories in the office).  If you would like to become one of our success stories, click the link at the bottom of the page!

"My lower neck had been bothering me for two years.  After growing impatient with the symptoms I saw Dr. Cutitta.  After the 1st session the pain was reduced 75%.  By the end of the treatment the pain was gone.  Thanks Mike!

-Dave P.

“I was suffering from frequent headaches and lower back pain.  The treatment that I have recieved from Dr. Cutitta has greatly reduced those occurences.  I would definitely recommend Dr. Cutitta to anyone suffering from head, neck and back pain."

-Dan O

"I came here because I was hunched over + had pain in my neck + small of my back.  I felt compressed.  I see + Feel much improvement.  I'm standing straighter and am more flexible.  I look forward to continued improvement.  Would recommend."


"I was having neck pain every day.  I had a hard time sleeping because of my pain.  Since coming here I feel as if I have better posture.  I also do not have neck pain on a day to day basis anymore + I find it easier to breath when exercising because my posture is better + I am in less pain"


“I work at a computer all day long and find that my neck gets stiff and starts to go numb as the day goes on.  Dr. Cutitta has stopped this pain + also given me tips as to how to prevent it in the future.  Without him, my daily grind would be a pain in the neck!”

- S.K.

“Neck, low back, knee, feet pain – I play on a hockey team.  My position is goalie.  I couldn’t get through a full game without my back and knees in excruciating pain.  After coming here for 3 weeks, I played my first pain free game in years.”


Visit us on Yelp or Google to read more reviews and success stories from our patients.  Because you don't have to take our word for it.

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