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How We Help: Sports Injuries

If you're in the Pittsburgh, Greenfield, or Lawrenceville, PA areas, and in need of a chiropractor due to a sports injury, Cutitta Chiropractic is here to help. We know that sports injuries can be quite serious, but one of the biggest problems with them isn't usually the injury itself. It's the care (or lack of it) that you receive after the injury has occurred. When you get prompt treatment, you may heal faster and be better prepared to get back out there and start playing again. Here's what you need to know about sports injuries.


How Serious are Sports Injuries?

Sports injuries can be very serious. The significance of them depends on what kind of injuries they are, where on the body they've occurred, and how well they're treated when they happen. These types of injuries can be anything from a small sprain that needs to be taped up to something that sidelines you for weeks or months. Most sports injuries are minor to moderate in their level of seriousness. With a chiropractor on your side, you can get the treatment you need to heal quickly and more fully.

Chiropractic Care for Sports Injuries

The muscles, ligaments, and tendons that help us move are strong and resilient, but they aren't immune to harm. When something goes wrong, and too much strain is put on one of these tissues, they can be injured. By working with a chiropractor to realign everything and keep the tissues healthy so they can repair themselves, you can get past your sports injury concerns so you don't need to spend as much time away from the game.

Long-Term Issues

Untreated sports injuries can lead to long-term pain and immobility. If chiropractic treatment is neglected, you can end up re-injuring something that might have healed properly with good chiropractic care at the time of the injury. If you want to reduce your chances of being plagued by chronic issues, working with a chiropractor can help you avoid that concern.

Schedule an Appointment with Our Chiropractor for Sports Injury Treatment in Greenfield, Pittsburgh, and Lawrenceville, PA

Reach out to us at Cutitta Chiropractic, if you're in the Greenfield, Pittsburgh, or Lawrenceville, PA areas, and dealing with one or more sports injuries. Our chiropractor will assess your musculoskeletal system to determine the type, location, and severity of your injuries before creating a chiropractic care plan tailored to your needs. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call us today or request an appointment online.