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Our office works with and recommends the Spand-Ice system for ensuring compliance with your heat therapy or cold therapy.

The Revive Tank is a full-zip therapy garment designed to reduce pain and inflammation in the low and mid back. Our patent-pending design incorporates dual therapy pockets, long-lasting reusable thermal packs, and an adjustable compression strap. Now YOU can get easy and safe therapy to relieve back inflammation and pain on-the-go.

The Revive Tank - Dual Interior Pockets

The Revive Tank - Dual Interior Pockets

Male Revive Tank (Front & Back Views)

Female Revive Tank (Front & Back Views)

The Revive Tank (Detail View)

Benefits of Spand-Ice Garments:

  • Time-Saving: Because we’ve developed a garment you can wear, you no longer have to take time out of your schedule for your thermal therapy sessions.
  • Effective: We’ve not only proven therapy temperatures can be consistently sustained for longer periods of time, but that our therapy reduced pain and inflammation in our test groups.
  • Adjustable: A patent-pending design targets low and middle back pain areas and allows for flexibility in contact and compression.
  • Easy To Use: Intuitive design allows for easy on/off, even if you’re injured or limited in mobility.
  • Safe: We’ve chosen special insulated fabrics to protect you from unsafe extreme temperatures.
  • Sport-inspired design: A therapy garment you can wear on it’s own AND leave the house in.


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