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Community Event Partnerships in Pittsburgh, PA

Would You Like a Free Massage Station?

Our office is dedicated to helping out our local community whenever possible.  We know our local community likes to stay busy with farmer's markets, fundraisers, celebrations and other gatherings.  There is no better way to attract people to your local event like having a free massage station to reward your attendees!

These massage stations are completely free and we come prepared with all the things we need to make the day a success - including our own table, tent and chairs, saving your group from having to pay for expensive rentals.  Our outreach coordinator will set up everything so your volunteers or employees at the event can focus on what they need to do. During the event, our outreach coordinator and massage therapist will work together to help give great 10 minute massages to as many attendees as possible (including keeping track of who is next up in line).  All of this (including the massage!) will be completely free to both the recipients of the massage and the group hosting the event - we foot 100% of the bill ourselves.

We have helped many local businesses with events such as:

Hippie and French

Brambler Boutique

Lawrenceville Farmers' Market

Bloomfield Farmers' Market

So how do we get one of these awesome tents for our next event?

It's easy to get a free massage tent!  Just send an email to [email protected] (or click on the image below to fill out a short survey) and we will arrange the rest. If we still have the date of your event available we will then plan the rest - you won't have to worry about any of the logistics or organization.

Contact us as soon as you are interested -- Dates do fill up quickly! 

Woman having back massage

General Rules:

  • Event location must be within 3 miles of either of our office. We can occasionally make exceptions to this rule if you have a large enough group.
  • Your event must be longer than 2 hours
  • You must be expecting a minimum of 40 people to attend your event
  • If your event is outdoors we reserve the right to cancel our attendance based on the weather conditions the day of - if it is raining, below 60 degrees or above 95 degrees we may be unable to provide massage that day or may only be able to provide limited massages
  • The number of Massage Therapists we bring to an event is based on our experience with these types of events in the past, given the number of expected attendees as well as Massage Therapist availability.
  • We do not guarantee that every attendee will be able to receive a massage and will provide massages on a first-come-first-served basis until we have filled all of our available times for massage (usually each massage therapist can provide 5 massages an hour)

If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us via facebook or twitter, or email [email protected]

It is our office's policy that if you book a pamper event with us and then cancel within 72 hours of your event you will not be able to book another community event with us.  This is due to the fact that we have to arrange a large number of details for your event, including booking a massage therapist who could be working on other clients.  If you need to reschedule, please just be sure to do so with more than 72 hours notice, thanks!