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Massage Techniques

Neural Reset Therapy (NRT)

In which a massage therapist is able to release all of the trigger points/bands/nodules in your sore muscles without touching the affected muscles, not your typical method of massage that involves pressure on the muscles

This specific technique is mainly employed to trigger muscle spasms, tension headaches, neck, back, and hip pain, TMJ, rotator cuff pain, tennis and golf elbow, and carpal tunnel by stimulating specialized nerve bundles (mechanoreceptors).

Swedish Massage

A common and popular medium pressure massage intended to relax the entire body and relieve any lingering tension.

Deep Tissue Massage

Massage technique focused on realigning deeper layers of muscles and connective tissue by using slow, deep pressure. A good technique for stiff and sore necks shoulders, upper and lower backs, leg muscle tightness and aching,  and general full body tension.

Prenatal Massage

A gentle, non-invasive massage technique that focuses on the needs of an expectant mother. Designed to enhance the function of muscles and joints, improve circulation, and relieve mental and physical fatigue by lulling the body into a relaxed state, better prepared for labor and easing the many discomforts of pregnancy.

Myofascial Release

The best massage technique for migraines, myofascial release massage utilizes a firmer pressure than deep tissue massage and incorporates breathing techniques and active stretching to realign the body's posture and release tension increasing movement of the muscles and joints.


A system of massage used to relieve tension and pain by focusing on reflex points in the hands, feet, and head to encourage blood flow, and not only quell the sensation of pain, but relieve the source of pain as well.

Athletic Massage

A massage technique designed to be specific towards sports players and those with a highly active lifestyle, intended to prevent injuries, recover from intense workouts, and to prepare and optimize the body for future physical activity. The technique employs using varying gentle pressures, light stroking, percussive strokes, and cupping of the hands to loosen stiff muscles and release lactic acid build up, alleviate pulls and strains, relieve swelling,

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