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Dealing with any kind of pain day in and day out can put a lot of stress on you. Whether you've got a problem with your shoulder or you've been dealing with regular back pain, getting a massage might be the answer to your pain problem.


Back Pain Causes

Before you can get rid of your back pain, you need to figure out what's causing it. For some people, back pain is a result of some sort of spinal alignment problem. For others, that pain may result from simply overusing muscles in the back for work or recreation. In any case, you should try to isolate the cause of your back pain to make sure you're treating it right. If your back pain is caused by something more serious such as a problem with your kidneys, simply getting a massage or visiting a chiropractor near me isn't going to be enough. Fortunately, most back pain can be greatly improved with the help of a massage.

Massage Benefits

Injuries and pain can occur in a lot of different parts of your body, but muscle and soft tissue injuries are some of the most common. A professional massage can help work out some of the tightness and tension in your back that may be causing you pain. Massaging muscles also helps improve circulation to promote healing.

When combined with an adjustment from a chiropractor near Greenfield, PA, a massage can help ease much of the pain and tension that's causing you problems in your back. Even better, massages are non-invasive and don't require any medication, which makes them a good natural treatment.

What Can a Massage Treat?

It's important to understand that since massages are fairly simple, they aren't designed to treat every condition. If you've got a broken bone or a problem with the alignment of your spine, you'll need to have that treated separately. However, a massage can help with just about any type of pain, whether it's in your shoulders, back, or calves. Here are some of the things people most commonly visit a massage therapist for:

  • Pain relief after muscle strain or overuse
  • Muscle relaxation to help ease pain
  • Improving circulation to promote healing in the area
  • Anxiety relief

Massages are especially helpful when combined with other forms of treatment, such as chiropractic adjustments, medication, and rest.

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If you've been dealing with back pain day in and day out, it's time to do something about it. A Greenfield, PA, chiropractor can help you get your spine adjusted and massage your muscles to relieve pain and promote healing. If you want to get rid of your nagging back pain, Call one of our Pittsburgh, PA offices at (412) 235-7103 Greenfield or (412) 325-4100 Lawrenceville.