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Lunch & Learn at Cutitta Chiropractic

We know everyone loves a free lunch!

Our office is now offering complimentary Lunch & Learn presentations to groups between 10 and 35 people. These are a series of health lectures which we provide to the community along with a free lunch paid for by our office.

What is a Lunch & Learn?

There really is such a thing as a free lunch!  Our Lunch and Learn series is a lecture series focused on helping people achieve great health, while having a nice meal in the meanwhile.  These lectures usually run between 30 minutes and 1 hour, and when possible we always bring a meal with us as well!

Is it really free?

Our office provides Lunch and Learn Lectures absolutely FREE.  Our office policy is to donate a minimum of 20 hours of events per month - the Lunch and Learn lecture program is one of these events that we provide Free of Charge (others include our Free Day of Massage and our Posture Screening Stations).   

Does it have to happen during lunch time?

Of course not!  We just think “Lunch and Learn” sounds better than "Breakfast and Learn".  You can have the meal for any time that your employees are regularly taking a break - breakfast, lunch or dinner!

Is there a minimum number of attendees? What about a maximum?

We ask that there be a minimum of 10 attendees at any of our lectures - this helps us get the best prices on our catering for the lunch, as well as makes sure our lecturer isn’t talking to an empty(ish) room!  Some of our menu options also have a minimum size to order - so if you want Chipotle more than anything in the world, you’ll need to arrange for a minimum of 20 attendees.  We don’t have an official maximum, but have found that attendees seem to learn the best when there are no more than 35 people in the room - we’re happy talking to more, but if you can break your sessions out into smaller groups people will learn more!

What’s on the Menu?

Chipotle Catering (Serves 20 or more)
Treat everyone to a DIY burrito bar!  Attendees will get to choose between flour or corn tortillas, and then make their personalized perfect tacos with adobo-marinated grilled chicken or adobo-marinated grilled steak, black beans and all the toppings!

Deli Sandwich platter from Giant Eagle (Serves 10 or more)
Treat everyone to their favorite sandwiches, a light salad and chips.  We will provide sandwich platters with a variety of sandwiches (including vegetarian options), along with a hearty salad, potato chips and cookies for dessert!

Chick-fil-A Catering (Serves 10 - 25 or more)
Treat everyone to Pittsburgh's favorite chicken sandwiches and nuggets or a tasty breakfast selection for earlier events! We will also have lemonade or juice and chocolate chunk cookies for your sweet tooth on hand.

Have a recommendation off this list? Let us know and we can look into it!


The Effects of Stress on your mind and body: How to reduce Stress for better Health
Learn about the different types of everyday stress, how stress affects you physically and mentally, and how to combat stress in your daily life.  We will go over popular stress reduction techniques, including a full breathing exercise that will make sure everyone leaves the lecture feeling relaxed and ready to work!

Prenatal care and pain relief: What to know before and during your pregnancy
Learn about the physical changes your body makes during pregnancy and why correct posture is so important to a healthy pregnancy and delivery.

Fit while you sit:  Make the most of your work station
Learn about how to use correct posture while sitting to reduce your aches and pains.  We’ll also review great “in seat” exercises and stretches that can be done to help you feel great while working!

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome:  the sneaky causes of wrist pain
Learn how to use work space ergonomics to reduce Carpal Tunnel Syndrome,.  We’ll also review the difference between general wrist pain and Carpal Tunnel syndrome, as well as explore surgery-free treatments for wrist pain and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Reducing Workers Compensation Claims
This fun and interactive seminar includes exercises on how to avoid common workplace dangers.  Learn to lift heavy items safely, how to avoid slips and falls, and how to use correct ergonomics to avoid repetitive use injuries.  This one takes a little more space, so book the large conference room!

Backpack Safety Review:  is your child’s backpack causing them pain for life?

Back pain and America: why are 75% of Americans living with back pain?

The Perfect Posture Workshop:  Learn how posture can affect your daily life and pain

We can also create tailor-made presentations on the topic of your choice with sufficient notice.

How easy is it to book a date?


All you have to do to arrange an event is let us know how many employees you would like us to feed, which topic you would like to hear and what days work best for your company – we’ll arrange the rest!  Times fill up fast - so make sure to let us know your dates well in advance so we can be sure to get exactly the right time for you!

All we need you to provide for the event is the space!  We’ll need a projector and screen for our presentation, a long table on which to set up lunch, and enough seating for everyone.  We’ll arrive well before lunch to set up all the food, tables and chairs for the lecture, and we’ll also help break everything down when we’re done.  Our goal is to make the event as stress free for you as possible!

General Rules:

  • Lunch & Learn location must be within 3 miles of our office. We can make exceptions to this rule if you have a large enough group
  • You must have a minimum of 10 interested recipients (employees, staff, students or volunteers) for us to organize a lunch & learn
  • We can provide lunches for no more than 35 people per event - we can schedule more than one lunch if you have more than 35 people interested
  • We offer 1 Lunch & learn event per 50 employees/volunteers per 6 month period.  For example, if you have 100 employees/volunteers we can arrange for 2 events per 6 month period (or 1 per 3 month period)

If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us via facebook , our contact us form, or email [email protected] !

It is our office's policy that if you book an event with us and then cancel within 72 hours of your event you will not be able to book another event with us for 6 months following that date.  This is due to the fact that we have to arrange a large number of details for your event, including ordering catering for your event.  If you need to reschedule, please just be sure to do so with more than 72 hours notice!  Thanks!