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CutittaFit - Fitness Planning with Your Doctor

CutittaFit is a program we have just launched with Dr. Wrye, to help our patients understand fitness and get themselves exercising in ways that do not aggravate their injuries. Dr. Wrye is an avid runner and fitness enthusiast who participates in multiple marathons every year.

You do not have to be a current patient to participate in our CutittaFit program, however, it makes an excellent addition to the end of a care plan to keep yourself feeling as good as possible.

With the CutittaFit program, Dr. Wrye will develop a personalized exercise plan that will help you achieve personal goals you set and work along with trouble spots and injuries you may have. She will demonstrate how to do these exercises with proper form (to avoid further injury) and accompanying stretches for both pre- and post-workout. You will receive a book with your personalized plan that includes diagrams for your own future reference.

In addition to the fitness book, we will also provide you with a free pass to attend Crunch Fitness for 5 sessions. If you decide to pursue membership with them, they will waive your enrollment fee and give you your first full month free with the pass. We know going to the gym alone for the first time can be intimidating, so if you wish, Dr. Wrye will accompany you for your first visit with her own membership! Crunch is also equipped with many capable personal trainers, so if that route is one you would like to see yourself on, we'll help you get set up to take your fitness plan to the next level with them!

Our main goal for CutittaFit is to help patients overcome pain and other complications that can make exercise difficult and sometimes nearly impossible to start feeling the benefits of an optimal healthy lifestyle!