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“I was suffering from frequent headaches and lower back pain.  The treatment that I have recieved from Dr. Cutitta has greatly reduced those occurences.  I would definitely recommend Dr. Cutitta to anyone suffering from head, neck and back pain."

-Dan O.

“I came in with a sprained back after moving a large deli slicer.... couldn't walk without extreme pain.  With Dr. Cutitta's treatment my back has come back to full strength.  I would recommend the treatment to everyone"


"I first came to Cutitta Chiropractic for a severely pulled back muscle injury incurred 15 years before that gave me moderate to severe pain whenever I did a lot of heavy lifting (books, groceries, etc).  After my treatment, my back pain has not recurred in over a year!"


"After cleaning for a special event I was unable to get out of bed.  The pain was so intense in my back I could not move.  I spent weeks taking pain killers just to get through a day.  Sleeping was impossible.  Finally I made an appointment with Dr. Cutitta.  After an initial and thorough evaluation we began a 2 month recovery plan.  After the first week I was able to get through my day without medication.  I was able to get some sleep.  After completing the 2 months I am pain free and able to do all the things I was always able to do.  Dr. Cutitta helped to alleviate the pain and helped me strengthen my back to prevent future injuries and pain.  I will never wait to be treated again for any back pain.  You will not get better treatment anywhere.  Cutitta Chiropractic is professional and welcoming.”

- L.S.

"I had some continuing back pain and wanted to get some relief for it.  I assumed it would go away. But after 3 months it was still persisting.  Dr. Cutitta was great in explaining the processes that he uses and gave me more information on how to strengthen my back.  In no time, I  felt great. Thank you!"


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